Planning / Zoning

FAQ's regarding common zoning and ordinance questions.

Do I need a zoning permit?  A Zoning Permit is required whenever a property owner is adding any detached structure greater than one hundred (100) square feet to the property, or increasing the square footage of any existing structure. Exemption from Boyne City zoning regulations does not imply exemption from permit required setbacks of the Boyne City Zoning Ordinance.

Do I need a permit to build a shed, garage, etc.? For any detached structure with an area of one hundred (100) square feet or larger (10 x 10 for instance), a zoning permit is required. It is the property owner's responsibility to find out what the setback requirements are prior to placing any structure on their lot. It is also the property owner's responsibility to check to make sure that no zoning permit is required prior to any work or placement on the property. It becomes the property owner responsibility to locate the structure in conformance with required setbacks.

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Where can i hang my yard/garage sale sign?  Yard sale signs are permitted only on private property. Signs are not permitted in any public right-of-way. That includes the area between the sidewalk (if applicable) and the curb and/or road. Yard sale signs cannot be placed on utility poles or on traffic signs. When placing yard sale signs, a good rule of thumb is the sign must be placed between the sidewalk and the house. This has always been an issue in the City. Many people see yard sale signs at corners or on utility poles, but what they may not know is this has always been a violation of the City Ordinance. In the summer months, the City, on average, removes between 15 and 30 yard sale signs per week. Many times they go up as fast as they come down. A good portion of the signs advertise yard sales outside the City limits.

The bad part about yard sale signs is the people that put them out rarely collect them and the City has to pay for their removal with taxpayer dollars.

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