How do I find out where or if I am registered to vote?  State of Michigan

How do I register to vote? You may register at the Secretary of State’s office or you can register at City hall, as long as your drivers’ license address is the same as your voter registration address.

Where do I vote?  You will vote at Boyne City City Hall auditorium from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the day of the election.

How would I obtain an Absentee ballot?  You would first fill out an absentee ballot application which a printable version is available on the State of Michigan website, or at city hall.  Once the application is received, a ballot will be issued.

Can someone else pick up my ballot?  You are the only person that may pick up your ballot, or we can put it in the mail for you.

Do you have a permanent Absentee Ballot list?  It is not the city’s policy to have a permanent AV list

What do I bring with me to the polls to prove my identity?  It is state law that you show a photo ID when voting at the polls.