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Boat Launch

How much does it cost to launch?  Yes.  Launch fees are $7/day or $30/seasonal permit

I'm a City resident, how do I get my seasonal launch permit?  Permits may be obtained at City Hall, the marina office or from the attendant at the launch.  You must show proof of boat ownership (current registration) and drivers license; NO EXCEPTIONS will made.  You must live or own property within the City limits of Boyne City to qualify and be the boat owner.

Do I qualify for a resident permit if my mailing address is Boyne City?  You must live or own property within the City limits.  Proof by photo ID or City will check tax roll for verification.

Do I need to get a new seasonal permit each year?  Yes, the permits are good April - April

Is it the same price at both launches?  Yes, $7/day or $30 seasonal permit

Is the permit good at both launches?  Yes

Do I have to pay after in the spring and fall?  Yes

Can I store my trailer at the boat launch?  No, the City does not allow for trailer storage, there are private businesses that provide this service

Can I park just a vehicle at the boat launch?  The boat launch parking is reserved for vehicles w/attached boat trailers for the purpose of launching their boat.  The launch is so frequently used that there is not space for single cars to be parked without jeapordizing parking space for those with a vehcile and trailer.

What do I do if I receive a parking or failure to pay violation notice?  Failure to pay should use the envelope provided to pay the correct fee and you will be all set.  Parking violations, please contact either the marina office or City Hall acknowledging the notice and receive an explationation of the violation and options to prevent future violations.

Additional Questions:  Marina office 231.582.7361 or City Hall 231.582.6597

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