How do I get a street paved? The City has a Capitol Improvement Plan which outlines the Citys' plans for the resurfacing of existing and gravel streets. Residents can petition the city to have a Special Assessment District to pay for the paving of a street.

Does the City offer leaf pick up? Yes. Check the leaf pickup schedule for more details.

Does the City offer a city-wide garbage pick up? No. This must be arranged through your local waste hauler.

Does the City have a garbage dump? No. The nearest transfer stations are East Jordan who takes most household trash but not construction debris and the Emmet County Transfer Station who accepts household refuse and constuction debris. You can obtain more detailed information on either location by clicking on them.

What can be taken to the North Boyne Compost Site? Residents may take leaves (bagged or unbagged), grass clippings and brush can be brought to our compost site. Stumps, building materials (treated wood, cement, etc.)and trash are not accepted. If leaves are in bags, they must be biodegradeable bags.  Commercial users must purchase permit at City Hall.

How do I dispose of hazardous materials? Charlevoix County offers a county-wide disposal twice a year; once in late spring and again in the fall. For more information, visit the Charlevoix County webiste.

Where do I report street light outages? Problems with the decorative lights in the downtown area should be reported to the City. Problems with the larger street lights throughout the City should be reported to Consumers Energy at (800)477-5050 or through Consumers Energy's online service.

How do I get dust control on my street? Dust suppressant is applied a couple times a year. You can call City Hall to request that a street be considered.

Who is responsible for tree trimming in the right-of-way? The City is responsible for all trees in the City right-of-way. Please notify the City if you have concerns. Problems with trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.