How do I find where someone is buried?  On the white building there is a little “house” that has a list of all people buried in our cemetery, by lot number or last name.  You may cross reference with the map that is hanging on the building.

How will I know which lots are available for sale?  You may stop by city hall M-F 7:30am-4:30pm and someone will be happy to help you.

What are the lot fees in the cemetery?  Full Burial lot - resident:  $450.00 or Non resident:  $600.00

What are the grave opening fees? Full Burial                                                                   Cremation
                                        • April 1-November 30; Monday-Friday  $450.00                         • Monday –Friday: $200.00
                                          (Saturday, Sunday & City Holidays; $550.00)                             (Saturday, Sunday and City Holidays $300.00)

** Call for rates for winter burials**

What are the rules for plantings in the cemetery?  rules and regulations

What are the hours of the cemetery?  There are no set times at the cemetery, we just ask that you be respectful of others while inside the cemetery at all times.