How are your taxes calculated?  Click Here for information from the Michigan Department of Treasury

Where do your tax dollars go? Summer taxes are mailed July 1, payable without interest or penalties until September 14. According to your school district, half of the operating and debt millages plus half the State Education tax collected on the Summer bill. Summer bills also include 100% of the millage for City General Operations and Debt Millage. Winter taxes are mailed December 1, payable without penalties until February 14. According to our school district, half of the operating and debt millages plus half the SET will be collected on the Winter bill. The Winter bill also includes 100% of the millage for the County Operations, District Library, Grand Vue Medical Care Facility, Recycling, Senior Citizens and Char/Em Intermediate School District.

Property Taxes: Summer taxes are due by September 14th and winter by February 14 of each year without interest or penalty, payable to the City of Bopyne City.  Taxes paid after these dates will have penalty and interest assessed to them.  You should contact the treasurer for current pay-off amount.  Both summer and winter taxes are turned over to the Charlevoix County Treasurer for collection on March 1 of each year.  At that time you will have to call to receive your pay-off amount.

Delinquent Property Taxes: According to state law, although delinquent real property taxes are turned over to the County for collection on March 1 each year.

Property Tax / Assessed Values:  If you have questions or concerns about your property value you should contact the assessor to discuss if there is an issue and what are the proper steps / procedures to address it.  Email  or call the office at (231) 582-0344.

Homestead Exemption: When property has a homestead exemption, there is no tax collected for any school operating expenses. This column will be blank. At the top of your bill, there will also be an indication of the percent of Homestead Exemption declared.

Deferments: Qualified taxpayers who filed a Summer Deferment form with the Treasurer's Office are reminded to file their State of Michigan property tax credit return as soon as possible. The tax credit can then be used to pay their property taxes (due on February 14).

Click here for more information regarding homestead exemption/rescind and summer tax deferment or to print forms.

City of Boyne City Treasurer

319 N. Lake St.

Boyne City, MI 49712

231-582-0334  phone

231-535-0002  fax

Charlevoix County Treasurer

301 State St.

Charlevoix, MI 49727