It is the policy of the CITY OF BOYNE CITY Municipal Marina to allow current seasonal renters the option of returning for the next season.  Current renters must commit by November 1 for the next season.  In the event that there is a vacancy, every effort will be made to fill these vacancies by February 1.  In the event that you are notified of an available slip by February 1, and you do not take the slip, you will remain on the list in your seniority order after your first refusal but will drop to the bottom of the list after your second refusal.  If you are notified after February 1 and you refuse, you will remain on the list in your seniority order.  After any refusal or lack of response or commitment as stated in #3, the City will then go to the next person on the list.  An offer of an available slip will only be made to a person once per season.

One name/person only on registration regardless if they co-own the boat with another person.  Registration is not transferable (with the exception of his/her spouse).

When registering on the wait list, complete information must be given including home and work telephone numbers.  Contacting by telephone speeds the process of filling vacancies.  The city will try for two (2) days to contact you by telephone.  If no contact is made by phone, an e-mail will be sent and you will have seven (7) days to respond.  The seven days will start from the date of the e-mail.  If there is no response either by phone or e-mail, you will be treated as described in #1.  The City is not responsible for incorrect contact information.

There is a fee of $25 to be on the large dock list and/or small dock list initially.  There is an annual fee of $25 per year to be kept on respective list(s).  Fees are due by November 1, and if not paid you will be removed from the list(s).  A statement will be sent via e-mail the first week of October.

The large dock list is for boats over 20' long.  The small dock list is for boats under 20' long.  Failure to report correct size of boat will mean forfeiture of slip. Measurements will include extensions such a bow pulpits, and swim platforms.

Please note that your renewal will be sent via e-mail so please make sure that you provide an e-mail address that has an inbox that is reviewed daily.  Due to the extensiveness of our waitlist, the above policy will be strictly enforced, including the due date.  Exceptions will not be made.