Location: 525 N. Lake Street

The City has two boat launches.  One is located in Veterans Park adjacent to the marina and our North Boyne launch is located about 4 blocks north of Veterans Park.

The Veterans Park Launch is suitable for smaller boats approximately 24' & less depending on lake water levels, type of boat, etc.  You should always check the ramp prior to use.

The North Boyne Launch has a long dock (when the extensions are in) and deep water.  It is suitable for large vessels and sailboats with deep drafts.

During the summer, attendants are generally on duty from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday - Sunday and during the holidays. Monday - Thursday the launch will be watched by our on duty marina attendant who is located at the lighthouse in the marina next to Veterans Park, but will be keeping an eye on the boat launch as well.  Please call or radio them if you need assistance launching or pulling out.  They will be happy to meet you there and help. 231-582-7361 or vhf channel 16

The fee for both ramps are the same.  (See fees listed below)

Services Available:

  • 2 launching lanes
  • On site parking (vehicle and empty, attached trailer only)
  • Restrooms
  • Fish cleaning station (north launch only)

The cost for daily launching is $7 per day. Residents (taxpayers) can get one seasonal launching pass at no charge. For any additional passes, the cost is $10 each. Non-residents can purchase a seasonal launching pass for $35.00 and $10 for each additional pass. When coming to City Hall or the marina to get a seasonal launch permit sticker, city residents and non-residents are required to show proof of boat registration, photo ID and provide your trailer plate number.  For your convenience you may place $35 in an envelope (include mailing address) and request a seasonal pass be mailed to you if staff is not present at the launch.

Overnight parking is available for $7 per night (14 day limit). This is for vehicle and empty trailer only.

Commercial Operations shall purchase a seasonal launch permit for $150.00 or plan to pay $7 for each boat launched.

Launch fees must be paid whether staff is on site or not, please use the payment envelopes and dropbox (tube) provided.  The collected fee is for use of the launch, it is not soley a parking fee.  These fees are used to maintain the launch sites, facilities and docks (including the installation/removal in the spring and fall)










Launch Ramp Rules
1. City residents may obtain a sticker from City Hall or the marina.

2. When the attendant is not on duty, please deposit fees in the pipe prior to launching.

3. Be courteous and have your boat ready before launching.

4. Do not park vehicles without trailers.

5. Do not leave empty, detached trailers in the parking lot.

6. Do not swim or fish at the launch ramp.

7. Do not affix "for sale" signs to boats and trailers.

8. Do not power on or off trailers (this causes erosion at the end of the ramp).

9. In-coming boats have the right-of-way.

10. Use or possession of fireworks is prohibited under City ordinance.

11. Dumping of household refuse is prohibited except in proper containers.