Doug Varney

Water/Wastewater Director

Phone: 231-582-0375 * Fax: 231-582-6506


Mission Statements:

**The Boyne City Water Department is committed to providing quality, cost efficient service in the collection, treatment, testing and delivery of safe drinking water to all residential, commercial and industrial users.

**To provide the wastewater customers of our area the best environmental method to transport and treat the wastewater in the most efficient and economical manner.


The Water / Wastewater department operates and maintains over 35 miles of water mains, including 270 fire hydrants, in excess of 2,000 valves, four wells and the waste water (sewage) treatment plant.

Approximately 1,500 water meters are read quarterly for billing purposes. A meter replacement program is currently underway to upgrade and repair non-working meters.

For questions or concerns regarding water quality or service and wastewater treatment, contact department (231)582.6656 or City Hall (231)582.6597.

For water / sewer billing information contact our billing department at (231)582.0335


Do you need to have your water tested?................Water sample kits are available at the Charlevoix County Health Department........or call (231)547-6523 for more details........


For after-hours water or sewer emergencies call 911