Protecting Michigan’s Water


Boyne City gets "CLEAN MARINA” designation

Boyne City’s F. Grant Moore Municipal Marina was certified as a “MICHIGAN CLEAN MARINA” on November 5, 2008 by the MBIA (Michigan Boating Industry Assoc.) committee that oversees the Clean Marina Program. We are one out of only twenty one private and public marinas in the entire state to receive this designation.

The clean marina program was developed to protect water resources and wildlife habitat by promoting environmentally sound marina practices. The Michigan Clean Marina program is a voluntary stewardship program open to all public and private marinas in the state. The majority of the certified marinas in the state are in northern Michigan.

What does being a certified CLEAN MARINA signify and what does this designation mean to Boyne City? This signifies:

  • We are aware of the impact that improperly disposed waste has on our lakes
  • We are educated on how to respond to and lessen or eliminate potential harmful pollutants in our marina.
  • We participate in recycling
  • We currently practice energy conservation and will continue to develop further energy efficient practices.
  • We pledge to follow, enforce and foster clean marina best management practices/procedures with our staff and all users of the marina.

Our community and marina will benefit from this program by:

  • The reduction of pollution thus improving the water quality in Lake Charlevoix, the Great Lakes and other Michigan Waterways.
  • Protection of fish and wildlife habitat
  • Saving tax dollars by adopting cost-effective, best management practices
  • Enhancing the marina’s image to the boating public by promoting environmentally sound practices resulting in an increase of tourism.

We have approximately one million registered boats statewide and 750 marinas. Each year, hazardous substances are inadvertently released into Michigan’s waters. Because Lake Charlevoix is one of the most popular, desirable lakes in northern Michigan for many types of water activities, it is imperative that we all take steps to look out for its welfare so it remains a community gem for future generations.

For more information regarding the CLEAN MARINA program or for a listing of “Clean Marinas”:

Michigan Sea Grant Clean Marina Program - 616-846-8250