Snow Removal

With several months of winter weather ahead here are a few reminders to help make sure the City streets throughout town get cleared up as quickly and efficiently at possible.


  • Don’t get too close. Please stay a couple hundred feet back (several car lengths) from operating plow trucks. This is especially true around intersections where the trucks need to back up and turn around corners to keep the intersection clean. You will know an in use plow truck by its operating strobe light and/or flashers.
  • Don’t shovel or plow snow into or across the streets. This creates hazards for City plow drivers as well as others who travel on the roads and is illegal.
  • Pile snow to the left of your driveway (as looking at your house from the street). This is especially true on streets without curbs. It goes without saying that the city plow always (or so it may seem) plow your street and refill your driveway just after you have cleared it. To keep the snow you have just shoveled from getting plowed back into your approach the next time the crews go by, keep it to the left. Please use caution when crossing streets, as visibility can be limited due to snow banks. Also, please discourage children from sledding on or tunneling into roadside snow banks.
  • If you have sidewalks, shovel them. It is the responsibility of the abutting property owner to keep sidewalks clear. Even if the City helps keep the sidewalk next to you clear, like it does on many of the main school routes, it is the ultimate responsibility of the abutting property owner. Help yourself and your neighbors be able to get around this winter without the use of a car by keeping your walkways clear for pedestrians.