City Trees

Tree trimming and removals:
We have inventoried all streets right-of-ways and parks trees and found approximately 41 needed trimming and 60 needed removal. We plan to remove approximately 21 trees with city crews (you may already have seen us removing trees on Division Street adjacent to the cemetery). The remainder of the work will be bid out and a contract awarded in December with trimming and removal taking place this winter and spring. All stumps will be ground in the spring/early summer. Look on our website, or stop by City Hall, to see the map of trees we have scheduled for trimming and removal. If you have others in the street right of way opposite your property you think need work, call Lisa at 582-0341.

The City is planning a tree planting program for next spring. If you want a tree planted in the street right of way adjacent to your property call Lisa at 582-0341. We have reviewed our watering issues on past plantings and feel it would be best if the individual property owners would water the trees. This will eliminate a lot of extra effort by City crews plus it’s really hard to get a good soaking with a tanker versus a slow release with a hose. Other than the watering, the trees will be provided and planted by the City at no direct cost to the property owner.