Yard Debris/Waste

Brush and lawn clippings

Boyne City has a composting site where City residents can take natural yard debris such as; grass clippings, leaves and brush.  It is located on the north side of town at the end of Robinson Street.


Recycled Materials - There are wood chips that are produced at the site that are free to City residents.  Black dirt is also made onsite and is available to City residents on a limited basis (two 5 gal. pails) for small yard repairs, planter boxes, etc.


Illegal dumping of other items and/or removal of more than the allowable materials may result in ticket and fine.

These services are for residents living within the City limits.  People living outside the city in the townships are prohibited from using the site.

Leaf Pick-up

Leaves in Bag

Schedule:  April 15th - May 24th (on Mondays and Fridays)

The City will pick up bagged leaves during the above period only. After the scheduled date, citizens will be responsible for their own leaves. 

Please set bagged leaves curbside any time after the first day of pick up, in biodegradable paper yard waste bags. City crews will pick up bags as time allows. If your bags have been out for an extended period of time and have not been collected, please notify City Hall at 582-6597.

Biodegradable paper bags are available locally at Ace Hardware and Boyne Co-op or can be purchased from any other source. Please put only leaves in bags as the bags are not strong enough to hold sticks, sand, or stones, and will tear upon lifting.

Brush will not be picked up; however, residents may take their brush and leaves, either bagged in biodegradable bags or un-bagged, up to the North Boyne Compost Site at the end of Robinson Street, which is open seven days a week for your convenience. Commercial businesses may also utilize the brush disposal area with their city issued permit.

Leaves may NOT be left in traditional plastic trash bags.

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