...how does your garden grow?

The City offers free garden plots for city residents who may not have the space or proper soils to grow plants on their property.  The land is tilled, fertilized and plotted each spring.

Growing by leaps and bounds!!

In 2010, with the help of the Street and Water departments, an area was cleared, tilled, composted, staked, water was run and made ready for a community garden.  The garden was such a success and in such demand that in 2012 it was expanded in size, with additional fencing and water taps installed.  Going into another growing season, taller permanent fencing was put up so that the wildlife could not enjoy the bounty and hard work of the gardeners before they could harvest their produce and flowers. Every year the community garden is such a success and continues to grow both wonderful healthy produce but the many friendships of the participants in the garden. 

If you missed the opportunity to be involved in the garden and are interested in maintaining your own plot, contact City Hall, at 582-6597.

Community Garden Guidelines