* 2016 Community Input - City Goal Setting


Are you interested in shaping Boyne City’s future?

Boyne City held their annual Community Input Session on January 14, 2016.  With approximately 40 people in attendance, the group set out to identify some issues that they felt the City Commission and staff should be looking at over the next year or so.  A full list of suggestions and the vetting process can be viewed by clicking the file link below.  The list started out with over 40 suggestions, it was then narrowed down to the top 18.  The 18 issues were ranked to come up with a top 7. 

As a follow up to the meeting, the City is conducted an online survey in an attempt to hear from others who may not have been able to attend the input meeting.  The survey allowed participants to rank and weigh in on the same issues discussed at the community input meeting plus provide additional input. We are currently working on summarizing all of the input. A summary has been completed and can be viewed by clicking on the file link below.

To view the adopted goals, click on the chart or the link below.

Boyne City’s goal setting meeting is a very important part in helping the City Commission and really our community determine its priorities for the coming years.   We try to make it informative and fun.  This public forum is generally held every two years and is your opportunity to share suggestions, ask questions, hear what your fellow citizens think, and receive updates on previously established goals. Input received at this meeting will assist the City Commission and other city boards and commissions in determining short-term and long-term goals for the community. These goals will give the City Commission and staff direction on the community’s priorities and where to focus the city’s resources to continue moving in a positive, progressive direction.

If you have any questions regarding the community input data or the process, please contact us by calling 231-582-0336 or emailing executive assistant Barb Brooks.

2016/17 Adopted Goals

Community Input Information Overview - 2016

January Community public input session meeting notes - 2016

** Past City Goals

If you have questions regarding the process or results we encourage you to email or call City Hall (231)582.6597. Immediately below are links to view the current and past goals. 

2014 Adopted Top Community Goals

2012 Adopted Top Community Goals

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* Community-wide Strategic Planning & Goal Setting Sessions

Where is Boyne City headed?

Based on input from the public and business community, leading Boyne community organizations, such as the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce and Boyne City Main Street Program have identified opportunities and challenges facing our area through recent goal setting / strategic planning sessions. Summary reports from each organization are listed below.

City community input online survey results/comments

Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Goal Setting Summary

Main Street Goal Setting Summary - 2015

Main Street Work Plan

Main Street - Refresh

*Local Development Financing Authority (LDFA) - Business Park

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan