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Municipalities, including Boyne City, are participating in the “Dashboard” program. Dashboard tracks progress, financials, and performance information. Dashboard also shows transparency, participation and collaboration in open government. (When clicking on the link above, if Boyne City does not come up immediately, please scroll down and find us under Charlevoix County or type Boyne City in the search box)

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Citizens' Guide is an at a glance view of charts & graphs regarding the revenues, expenditures, trends and performance of the City.  Click on the following link to view the current Citizens' Guide

For past years Citizen Guide, click on the files below. The excel spreadsheet allows you to view historical trends by department on the Expenditure and Revenue by using the drop down menu, the .pdf file does not have this feature; however, all of the departments' expenditures and revenues are shown by individual page in the .pdf. (You must have either a version of Microsoft Excel  / Excel Reader or Adobe / PDF Reader to open these documents.)

2021/22 General Fund and Debt Summaries

2020/21 General Fund and Debt Summaries

2019/20 General Fund and Debt Summaries

2018/19 General Fund and Debt Summaries

2017/18 General Fund and Debt Summaries

2015 Citizens' Guide.xls

2015 Citizens' Guide.pdf

2022/23 General Fund and Debt Summaries

2014 Citizens' Guide.xls

2014 Citizens' Guide.pdf

2013 Citizens' Guide.xls

2013 Citizens' Guide.pdf

2013 Unfunded Accrued Liability Plan

Consolidation of Services

2012 Citizens' Guide.xls

2012 Citizens' Guide.pdf

Budget / Fees

Click here to review the City's "Fee Schedule" and current and past years

Act 51-Local Road Agency Employee Certification

Transportation Employees / wages