The City's Charter was adopted on May 1, 1960.  Boyne City's forefathers used great wisdom and foresight in creating this document that still governors our actions today although updates have been made to remain in keeping with Federal and State guidelines. Our Charter is posted on the municode website and can be searched for specific content.

Local and Zoning Ordinances

Our ordinance is posted on the muni-code website and can be searched for specific content and subject matter. Click here to view the City's Zoning Map.

The City departments are always reviewing our ordinances to make sure they are up to date with State and Federal laws and in keeping with the City's goals and needs of the community.  If you have a zoning or ordinance question, you may search the site; however it is always a good idea to contact City offices to make sure there have not been recent changes or changes in the works that could be of impact.

Zoning Map