Community Pavilion


The Veterans Park Community Pavilion is an all-season, multi-use facility located on the spectacular lakefront in    Veterans Park in Boyne City.  The Pavilion is the home to the winter Farmers Market and is a focal point for many community and family events.   A recent renovation was completed in May of 2020 which involved expanding and renovating the pavilion to include transparent door-like walls that can be lowered in cold weather, a heating system, commercial kitchen, storage and improved restrooms which are accessible from both inside and out.

The Pavilion serves as array of uses for both residents and visitors alike.  Some of the uses include:

*Concerts and performances                                      *Veterans Memorial Services (i.e. Veterans Day)
*Winter farmer’s market                                               *School events
*Family gatherings                                                       *Class reunions
*Wedding receptions                                                    *Community kitchen
*Events such as: Boyne Thunder, 4th of July, car shows, Mushroom Festival, bicycle and running races and the Food Truck Rally.  



How did we come up with the proposed plan?

The Community Process...After 2 days and multiple, intensive planning sessions Environment Architects of Traverse City has created three possible design concepts for upgrading the well-used picnic pavilion at Boyne City's Veterans Park which were presented to the public on Dec. 17.  These concepts are a direct result of all the input received from the general public, specific user groups, City boards and commissions and staff.  The process started with the goal of making the pavilion into a multi-use, all-season facility that could house – among other functions – the winter Boyne City Farmers Market. The Market applied for and received a grant to explore these options. View details and additional photos by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Questions posed to public used to obtain critical input

Public Input Summary

"Concept 1" Proposal

"Concept 2" Proposal

"Concept 3" Proposal

Overall Summary Report