For questions regarding any of our current or upcoming construction projects, please contact City Hall (231)582-6597

Upcoming Projects

Starting on Monday, April 19th three (3) construction projects totaling $400,000 in value will commence in the City of Boyne City:

Storm Sewer - An existing 12” diameter storm sewer will be replaced along Pine Street, from S East Street to S Park Street. A portion of the street will be re-paved upon completion of the storm sewer.

Asphalt Resurface - The existing asphalt pavement on Franklin Street, from S East Street to S Park Street, will be crushed & shaped with an asphalt pulverizer and then receive 3” of new asphalt. This treatment should add 10-12 years to the useful life with continued maintenance work. Concurrently, a 12” diameter storm sewer will be added along Franklin Street as well as along S Park Street, from Franklin Street to Morgan Street, and then along Morgan Street, from S Park Street to S Lake Street. A public information mtg will be held. See below for meeting information.

Bridge - The existing pavement on the Park Street bridge over the Boyne River will be milled off and the concrete deck will receive a waterproofing membrane prior to resurfacing.

Storm Sewer Project

A portion of Franklin Street, Park Street and Morgan Street will have storm sewers installed by the city this spring. Stormwater catch basins will be placed to capture the rain water runoff from the city streets. As part of the project, the existing asphalt pavement along Franklin Street, from S East Street to S Park Street, will also be rehabilitated.

We have scheduled a public information meeting for the project on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held via Zoom (an electronic meeting application). Please log into the meeting a few minutes prior to the start so we can start on time.  Join Zoom Meeting by computer using the following link:

Or, sign into Zoom with the following information:  Meeting ID: 813 3246 2249        Passcode: 646231

During the meeting our design engineers will review the construction plans and schedule with the group and the City staff will take comments from you prior to starting the work.  Copies of the plans are available by clicking on the file link below if you care to review them in advance of the meeting.

If you can not attend the meeting and have questions please feel free to contact public works director Tim Faas at or 231.582.0375

Storm Sewer Plans / Specs

E. Lincoln St. Reconstruction Project

East Lincoln Street, from South Lake Street to Grant Street, is currently being designed for possible reconstruction in either 2021 or 2022.  Depending on the estimated costs, the work may extend further east towards Earl Street, but we still have more preliminary design work to complete before the easterly project limit is established.

Reconstruction means the existing road and some of the water, sewer and stormwater systems will be removed, replaced and/or expanded prior to a new road being built.

Preliminary plans/specification and cost estimates can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Plans / Specifications

Cost Estimate