For questions regarding any of our current or upcoming construction projects, please contact City Hall (231)582-6597

Street Maintenance - Contractors will be working on regular street maintenance around town starting October 16, 2015.  There may be some temporary closures or limited access to some streets for short periods of time. Pedestrians and motorists are requested to exercise extra caution while traveling thru construction zones.

Court St. - Paving is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 19th on Court St. and will be restricted to one traffic lane during paving.

Non-motorized Path Closure - Due to the work involved the pathway on the south side of Front St. between Division and 2nd St. is closed due to construction and will remain closed for several weeks.  Additional closures may be necessary as the work progresses.  The walkway on the north side of Front St. remains open for public use. 

Sommerset Sewer Project Hook-up Extension - the main contractor has informed us they are fine giving people along the route until Friday, October 23rd to sign up for the installation of stubs to the new force main at no additional costs.  As such the City will continue to offer the ten year payment plan for the $10,000 fee applicable to all connections in Eveline Township thru that date.

Proposed Rivermouth Restroom Renovation Project

The City is considering applying for a Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (MDNR) Recreation Passport Grant to undertake major renovations at the Rivermouth Restrooms.  The project is proposed to include, infrastructure improvements, fixture replacements, the addition of a family restroom and facade improvements.

The plans can be viewed by clicking on the .pdf file below

Proposed Plans & Elevations

Veterans Park Community Pavilion Project